McMichael & Gray, PC is committed to offering the most secure and proven technological systems in the industry to protect your money and information.



Law firms of all sizes are falling prey to cyber-attacks. McMichael & Gray, PC protects personal information by utilizing IT providers who successfully complete the Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2) Type 2 attestation report. This attestation report is obtained after undergoing an assessment conducted by the independent third-party PCAOB registered auditing and accounting firm of NDB Accountants & Consultants LLP (the principal member organization of the NDB Alliance of CPA firms). The security assessment includes an evaluation of all of Snap Technology’s relevant processes, procedures, and controls for data protection and availability within the identified and applicable Trust Services Principles (TSP) criteria. Snap Technology underwent this independent attestation (SOC 2 audit) that analyzed the company’s technology, processes, procedures and operational controls to ensure they adhere to Management’s Assertion to the TSP criteria. The SOC 2 Type 2 report encompasses the relevant design of the control environment and the associated auditor’s testing of controls to report on the operational effectiveness for the relevant test period noted therein.


McMichael & Gray, PC uses RynohLive which is a patented financial management and fraud prevention system. RynohLive ensures the integrity of financial transactions by identifying and preventing escrow theft, wire fraud, employee embezzlement, check fraud and disbursing errors.


Additionally, for escrow reconciliation and audit preparation McMichael & Gray, PC utilizes Positively Balanced. Positively Balanced’s escrow services ensure McMichael and Gray, PC falls under proper compliance regulations and ALTA’s Best Practices. Through Positively Balanced, McMichael & Gray, PC receives daily updated information regarding escrow accounts and immediate notification of any issues which may affect the integrity of financial transactions conducted by our firm.


We live in an age where electronic mail (email) is the preferred method of communication. For most people, email communication does not contain sensitive information. McMichael & Gray, PC’s business, however, centers on the receipt and dissemination of sensitive information. Standard email messages are sent in plain text. Plain text is easy to intercept, interpret, and read. Encrypted email, by comparison, makes the content of the email unreadable to anyone who does not possess the decryption key (password).


A data center is a facility which centralizes an organizations’ Information Technology (ies) (IT) operations and equipment, and where it stores, manages, and disseminates its data.

Our IT provider, Snap Technology created Snap Safety Vault (SSV), which is a proprietary backup and recovery solution. With SSV, McMichael & Gray, PC servers are stored, managed, and process the dissemination of data simultaneously with a Snap Technology server, making a picture of the entire server, not just the data, but the entire server, every fifteen minutes. With SSV, in the event of a server failure, McMichael & Gray, PC’s entire server is copied and back up and running within an hour, which is entirely different than tape backup or cloud backup solutions which may require days, if not weeks.


SoftPro – SoftPro Select is a cutting-edge application that combines technology and years of experience. Focused on how you run your business, not how your business runs you, SoftPro Select gives you the competitive advantage you need to be successful! With increased features, flexibility and power all in an easy to manage system, why settle for anything less? Built on the Microsoft® .NET platform, SoftPro Select is the next-generation real estate closing, title and escrow product suite. The use of this innovative technology enables SoftPro Select to be the most flexible product available on the market. It provides you with the ability to configure the software to fit your needs – you are in control. You can design your own fields, screens, calculations and documents. You can even configure your company’s workflow.


Beyond technology, McMichael & Gray, PC recognizes our PEOPLE set us apart from other firms. McMichael & Gray, PC is composed of a diverse group of individuals with a common goal of service-oriented solutions and unsurpassed excellence. We employ full-time staff members whose sole purpose and goal is to mature, equip and train our attorneys and staff on the most technologically advanced systems and up-to-date regulations and laws which affect our industry.