Residential Real Estate

For Buyers/Sellers – Closing on a home can be a confusing and stressful experience.  McMichael & Gray, PC works closely with you and your Agent to ensure your closing process is as smooth, friendly and efficient as possible. Our experienced attorneys and staff provide their experience and our CORE VALUES to ensure we provide you with consistent excellent service for each and every file


For Agents – In today’s dynamic real estate industry, agents work tirelessly to market properties, negotiate contracts between purchasers and sellers and often assist in coordinating the closing process with the closing attorneys and lenders.  With stricter regulations on the horizon, agents need a closing attorney who provides individual attention to each closing and has the expertise to navigate the ever changing legal and lender landscape.  Ultimately, the closing is the culmination of your efforts and will leave a lasting impression with purchasers and sellers.   McMichael & Gray, PC is well aware of staying up-to-date with new laws and training attorneys and staff to guaranty a smooth and efficient closing with all parties involved.


For Lenders – McMichael & Gray, PC works with hundreds of lenders ranging from small community banks to regional banks and large national banks.  McMichael & Gray, PC processes over 10,000 properties each year. Our attorneys and staff are experienced in efficiently closings every type of loan from conventional, FHA, VA, SBA, DPA, acquisition & development, construction, commercial and more. Our customer service, experience and CORE VALUES ensure your closings are smooth, friendly and efficient.


Some services include: